Welcome to Zelldos

A website containing unwanted items and possessions, built up over a lifetime, now available to find a new home.


What will you find

Everything on the website is pre-owned, although some items have never been used, opened or even worn.

We have a wide range of items to sell,
for example, clothes, books, dvd’s & various miscellaneous items, together with many collectables like stamps, model railways, model ships and toys etc.

We hope there will be items of interest to you, or maybe something that you have been looking for from the past.

Most items on the website can be sent to anywhere within the UK by post.

Zelldos Dinosaur with Shopping Bag

Order Process

The order process is very straightforward:-
Browse the website and add to the basket the items you want to buy.
When you are ready, go to the checkout to place your order.

How to Pay

Payment for items can be made using our PayPal account: [email protected]

All items can be returned if required with a full refund payable to you.

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